Hard Surface & Concrete Floor Care

We provide customized hard floor and concrete floor care programs to meet your floor care needs.

Our approach to concrete floor care is to deliver the look and result each customer would like to achieve – high gloss, a dull gloss, no gloss, etc. Our program for concrete is driven by many factors, which all comes down to the pour and desired final look.We bring new or varying programs such as 3M, Betco, Diamabrushâ„¢, and Pioneer Eclipse to name a few. Our Team is dedicated to bringing you solutions for your concrete floor care needs.

Rejuvenation & Maintenance System

We specialize in hard floor and concrete floor care. Our specialized programs consist of 3 main goals to achieve maximum results. Our program also includes gloss meter readings for retail locations, that track the gloss levels of each individual store location.



  • To improve the overall appearance
  • To restore and maintain desired gloss level
  • To protect floors from wear and tear

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