Safety is Paramount

Posted by Paramount Building Solutions on March 18, 2019

Our Janitorial Safety Program from Paramount Safety

Safety is Paramount: our guiding motto when it comes to the health, safety, and security of every single one of our employees and customers. That is why we have a strict and thorough safety program to ensure that every aspect of our work environments–from customer care to janitorial safety–is as safe as possible.



Our Paramount Safety Program

Our safety program covers three essentials to help us maintain a safe work environment for all employees and customers: ensuring our work environments comply with all safety and health laws, regulations and requirements; preventing injuries and illnesses related to occupations; and ensuring improvement to our safety standards by continued updates to our safety management system and program.

Our safety program is designed to be an all-encompassing way of approaching the workplace by teaching all our valued employees to effectively “eat, breathe, and think” safety; when these safety standards are ingrained into the habits of employee’s everyday actions around the workplace, they will become second nature and help improve workplace safety.


Why Safety Training is Essential Prior to ANY Work

The importance of strict adherence to the safety program [for any line of work] at Paramount cannot be overstated. The lack of safety on our part can mean the down-time or loss of the employees we value so highly through stress, injuries, or even fatally serious consequences. We want our employees to approach the importance of safety through our perspective: by protecting our highly valued employees and their families from lost wages, physical harm, and other types of loss.

Every type of work environment has potential safety hazards; proper training and awareness can avoid and even prevent incidents; best achieved through proper adherence to our safety program. Our safety programs cover janitorial safety, and the safety of our valued janitorial staff who engage in everything from building maintenance to clean-up and the value-added service offering between.


Common concerns that our janitorial safety program covers include:

  • Abiding by all health and safety laws and regulations
  • Knowing how to avoid slipping, tripping, and falling during Janitorial and value-added duties
  • How to safely lift heavy objects
  • How to safely transport and use ladders
  • How to safely transport and use tools
  • Proper placement of awareness signs (such as “wet floor” signs); and other safety-related interaction with customer employees and the public
  • Becoming familiar with emergency exits and procedures
  • Proper handling of chemicals
  • Proper handling of exposure to blood borne pathogens
  • Proper use of PPE (personal protective equipment) including multiple types of gloves, safety goggles, and more
  • What to do in specific emergency situations (i.e., you become stuck or injured)






Our Partnership with Diversey & Supply Works

The Paramount Safety Program would not be complete without the proper;

  • Equipment for each task
  • Appropriate cleaning supplies
  • Proper safety supplies to allow protection
  • Safety signage to communicate our presence
  • Proper Chemicals to get the job done
  • SDS and other safety disclosures to keep all of us in Compliance

Diversey works with us closely in every account, with each customer – specific to their program needs; to ensure the proper chemicals are used in the proper applications. To train our Management and Staff to be certain we are not the cause of unnecessary corrosion to the facility finishes, and the we remain in compliance in both our Green Cleaning program efforts and Compliance to disclose the proper use and safety of having each chemical on-site.

Supply Works fills one of our most important roles in our partnership. They ensure we begin by specifying the correct machines, large and small supply, and proper protection equipment to each site – and then they make sure they have it available to us well in advance of each project start. Providing Paramount the resources to solve customer issues, supply ‘best available’ items and consumables, and put processes in place to keep all operations moving to ensure our workplace is hygienically and properly cleaned every day.

Remember: Safety is Paramount

Safety at Paramount is not just something we glance at every now and then – our program is more than just “checking the box” to say we have it in place. It is a working way of life to keep all of us in a safe and secure environment; keeping you, your customer, and the valued employees at Paramount available, on the job, and happy.